Business Information

Management Principles

[1]Quality policy

The manufacture of products that feel convenient…
The pursuit of the convenience found in the basic concept that consumers are most important.

1. Maruki pursues the positive provision and proposal of products and services that contribute convenience so that consumers can enjoy the benefits of better lifestyles.

2. Maruki pursues security based on the maintenance of safety and the further improvement of quality in accordance with the spirit of observance of the law while considering recent changes in the management environment surrounding the company.

3. We think that continuous improvement in our everyday activities is integral to these pursuits.

[2] Environmental policy

The manufacture of products that surprise…
The pursuit of serious originality that is also considerate of global resources.

1. Because we are a company that began from the supply of tsuma youji (picks, toothpicks), which are consumable goods,
it is our mission to pursue manufacturing that is considerate of global resources.

2. Rather than just consideration for the global resources in our products, we also create more sincere efforts towards the prevention of environmental pollution and the protection of the environment in our everyday work and in the provision of services, and engage in continuous improvement activities to fulfill our duties as a company that is a public institution of society.

3. Maruki is committed to the observance of environment-related laws and regulations at all times and creates environmentally-friendly frameworks ahead of the times.


Creative wings Maruki. We beat our wings and fly with joy Creative wings Maruki. We beat our wings and fly with joy

We Pursue Our Ideal Earnestly and Steadfastly , Always Hoping to Create Joy.

This message is for all of our customers, shop owners,
cooperating companies and everybody who has this guide to our company in their hands now. Maruki has carried out serious manufacturing thoroughly under everybody’s warm guidance and continued to create the household products that you support.
We have been able to notch up more than 100 years pursuing that work from the founding of the company to the present day.
That is owing to the receipt of your patronage. Thank you so much.

I recently took over the business of Maruki and will continue to develop it further.

While leaving the corporate motto “Manufacturing with a serious, inexhaustible ideal in our minds” unchanged, I have made the mission of the company to fly with joy under the new banner of “Creative wings ~ MARUKI.”

With the words “Creative wings ~ MARUKI,” I imagine the soaring feeling of flying inside everybody’s hearts: inside the company, the joy of being able to plan things, the joy of being able to make them, and the joy of being able to carry them to people.
At stores, it might entail the joy of choreographing the sales floor or the joy of customers being able to take things in their hands and purchase them out of imagination.
With regard to households, it would mean the joy of our products being used with happiness and peace of mind, the joy that colors life, and the joy that brings smiles to the faces of people’s families.
At our cooperating companies, it may point to the happiness that they can be involved in manufacturing. With joy, I shall continue to be grateful for the ties we have with you all.

Please look forward to our future under “Creative wings ~ MARUKI.”
We shall carry on beating our wings.
We Keep Advancing in Our Efforts!
First of all, please look at our efforts.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Jun Kinoshita

Company Overview

Business Manufacture, import and sale of various types of food picks and bamboo skewer products
Trade name Maruki Co., Ltd.
Founded 1888
Corporate establishment March 26, 1970
Head office 59-2 Oyamada-cho, Kawachinagano City, Osaka 586-0094, Japan
Chinese factories Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China
Representative Jun Kinoshita
Number of employees 48 people (as of the end of February 2014)
Capital 10 million yen
Main transaction partners 350 wholesale merchants nationwide, 200 packaging material merchants 150 100 yen merchants and shops

Company History

1888 Company is founded as Maruki Co. by Mokutaro Kinoshita.
1934 Nagoya Sales Office is established.
1940 Isaburo Kinoshita is appointed as second generation president.
1955 Nagoya Sales Office is integrated with Head Office.
1967 Maruki starts import and sale of bamboo skewers from Taiwan.
March 1970 Trade name change to Maruki Co., Ltd.
October 1970 Norihiro Kinoshita is appointed as third generation president.
1972 Maruki starts import and sale of bamboo skewers from China.
January 1976 Construction of Distribution Center (current No.3 Distribution Center) is completed.
August 1977 Construction of the company’s own factory is completed in Nosaku-cho, Kawachinagano City.
July 1987 Construction of No.1 Distribution Center is completed.
March 1989 Maruki starts import and sale of picks, etc., from China.
May 1995 Maruki establishes an office in Shanghai, China.
September 1996 Maruki establishes a factory in China (Shanghai Guande Bamboo & Wooden Products Co., Ltd.).
October 1997 Maruki transfers the domestic factory to the Chinese factory.
April 2002 Construction of No.2 Distribution Center is completed.
April 2005 Simultaneous acquisition of ISO9001/ ISO14001 certification
October 2005 Construction of Izumi Logistics Center is completed.
October 2007 Operation of Chinese warehouse (Nantong City, Jiangsu Province) is started.
November 2008 Maruki transfers Izumi Logistics Center to Wakayama Logistics Center (Hashimoto City, Wakayama).
October 2011 Head office is rebuilt.
April 2012 Graduation from ISO9001/ ISO14001
May 2012 Norihiro Kinoshita is appointed as chairman. Jun Kinoshita is appointed as fourth generation president
June 2013 MARUKI gathers Chinese factories in Nantong, China